The Art of Balance

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In preparation for many Nia classes this week, I sat down Sunday night to create the focus for each class. I then came to realize that each focus had a theme of Balance! Sub-consciously I created a week of focuses centered on balance, and this is just what I was looking for in my daily life! I love how life works – connecting dots in all aspects of my life – ask and you shall receive.

This week for the focus, each class will be centered on balance.  It may be the act of balancing, balancing between stability and mobility, balancing and the base, balancing yin and yang…you’ll have to come play to find out!

The Body’s Way Principle Number Two is The Body Demands Balance.   Look at the human body. Designed with two eyes, two ears, to arms, two legs, even are internal organs are made of two’s or balance each other out on opposing sides. The human body is incredible.     Physically it is important to keep our bodies in balance, maintaining posture and full range of motion to live life optimally in the one body we have!  In life it is important to have balance.  I am currently working on finding balance in these areas:

  • City vs. Wilderness
  • Rest vs. Activity
  • Work vs. Play (although I love my work and feel it is ‘play’)
  • Time alone vs. Time with others
  • Balancing Girl/Goddess/Friend time vs. Hubby time

My List above, to me is all wonderful activities; I am just looking to find the correct proportions of each. In order to create balance, one must know what they are looking for and what balance means to them.  Is your life balanced enough for you? What would you do to create more balance in your life?  Let me know – maybe I can help you find a solution.


Dynamic Ease

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The Body Thrives on Dynamic Ease is the first of five principles of the The Body’s Way.  For those of you who do not know what The Body’s Way means, it means that we are humans are designed very intricately to move in particular way. Nia is based on The Body’s Way, however, Nia takes into consideration YOUR Body’s Way. Each of us have had difference experiences that our bodies have adapted and adjusted, thus making us each very unique.  Your Body’s Way is how you move uniquely, The Body’s Way is the ideal. Nia is a way to be able to move in The Body’s Way.  the ability to perform a movement with maximum efficiency and minimal effort.

Dynamic Ease is the ability to perform a movement with maximum efficiency and minimal effort.  We use Dynamic Ease in Nia to condition the body in order to be able to use our bodies efficiently throughout a Nia class and in daily life. It is a feeling of graceful power.  It is the feeling of total relaxation as if floating mixed with the tension strength and power within your body.

Use your awareness while you are completing a task today, imagine your whole body working together as an efficient machine.  Focus on systemic movement, with the intent to move gracefully, while harnessing your strength and power within your body.

The Joy of Movement

•June 26, 2009 • 2 Comments

The Joy of Movement is the thread that runs through of of Nia.  The Joy of movement is a SENSATION.  Sensation is how our bodies speak to us.  For example, when I am hungry, I get the sensation of hunger, when I scrape my knee, I get the sensation of pain, and in Nia, I often get the sensation of Joy (that is if I choose Joy).  Joy is always available to sense in my body and in yours.  The trick is, YOU have to choose Joy.  If Joy is missing, tweak your movement so that Joy becomes present again.

It is quite amazing how a Nia class can change depending if Joy is present. If I have Joy in my body, I do not look at the clock, if I do not choose Joy, time seems to go by very s l o w l y.   Luckily, I through awareness, I have developed the knack of inviting the sensation of Joy into my body.

What I love about Nia and The Joy of Movement is it’s application to life outside of Nia. I am a Belted Teacher of Nia, but I will always be a student of Nia learning from various principles daily.  I invite you to take the sensation of Joy into the rest of your life. Maybe when you are waiting in line, choose Joy.  Choose Joy when you are walking about, in conversation, and even working and see the difference it makes in your experience.  Notice what this may do to certain occurrences in your life that may be ‘boring’ or you do not want to do…It may just make some mundane activities much more enJOYable!  I would love to hear what choosing Joy does for you….

The Core – Pelvis, Chest, and Head

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The Core, Pelvis Chest and head is one of my favorite principles to use as a focus. The number one reason being I get to really move my hips!! It also helps me to keep an even greater awareness on the delicate balance of aligning my pelvis, chest and head while moving my body.

In Nia, the Pelvis is described as a contaniner of energy, imagine your pelvis as a large mixing bowl, this large mixing bowl having the ability to host energy. Using your hips to swirl the energy throughout your body. The chest is described as the exchange of energy. Often you will hear myself, or fellow Nia teachers say ‘open your heart’. It is a way to express oneself and create movement in your upper body.  Then there is the head. I love that Nia really incorporates the use of ones head.  It allows for greater movement throughout the spine. Did you know the spine goes all the way to approximately between your eyes – so when you do  move your head and neck, you are limiting your spine mobility. So….move your head!

While you move around during your day, or are in a Nia class, I invite you to become really aware of where your pelvis, chest and head are in space, just witness. No criticizing if it is not aligned, just take note and begin to move you body in YOUR body’s way, with an intent of creating better alignment through your core.


My Inspiration for Dancing

•June 3, 2009 • 2 Comments

My Inspiration is my sister Sarah. She is the most beautiful Dancer I have ever seen!! Growing up she had a love and a passion for dance that shined through in all her performances. Sarah, when on stage (and off too), has a way of drawing attention to her through her beauty and zest for life.  (If you look up to the picture at the top of the blog – the one on the left is Sarah, the one on the right is me).

Both Sarah and I went to the Bracebridge School of Ballet where we took Jazz, Modern, Ballet and Point.  Sarah spent a few summers away at various Dance Schools – where one could catch Sarah dancing even when there was not any music on.

Little does she know what an inspiration she has been and is to me. Her ability to move ever so gracefully was my motivation to continue to be the best I could/can be.  Although, at times, her abilities were discouraging as she was always ‘the dancer’ in the family but little did I know I had a dancer in me as well and that I had rhythm too!

Sarah is my inspiration in other areas of life as well. She has taught me how to be strong, stand up for myself and be kind to others, as she does with such grace.

She recently gave birth to the most Beautiful Boy Finn – at home – no medication, just pure inner strength. Finn has also become my inspiration as he moves so organically, and naturally using the Principles of Nia.


What’s Your Inspiration?

Welcome to Nia With Purpose!

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Here begins a wonderful journey of Nia Experiences. Join me, Maggie,  to find out more about Nia, What my focus is for the day and/or week and much much more!
I invite you to come along for the journey!